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Welcome to the Hallison High School official school website.  


Classes will begin on February 15th!



Hallison High School is a family friendly role play high school that's committed to giving teens in Second Life a safe and fun place to interact and hang out while maintaining a realistic high school environment.  Students are welcome to enroll at any time!


 We would like to thank you for your interest in Hallison High School. 
Unfortunately HHS closed the doors until future notice.

No new applications will be accepted.

Please watch your inworld group notices for future updates about the school.


Student Run Clubs!

Do you have an idea for a club that you know other students will love?  

Well, you have the opportunity to start it!  

Students at Hallison High School are welcome to start clubs by following a simple process!  

Send Vanessa Hallison a note card in-world to request a Club Form.  

Then all you have to do is fill out the form, and get 6 student signatures!  

Your club will then be added to the schedule and open for all students to attend.  

Share your interests and ideas with your peers!

Contact Vanessa Hallison for more information.


Success! Message received.



send a notecard to Vanessa Hallison in world.





NEW! Work-Study Program!

Hallison High School is now offering an alternative to paying monthly tuition!  
All you need to do is clock in at the time clock located in the main office, and clock out when you're done.  Once you've accumulated a total of 15 hours clocked in, you'll get a free month of tuition!
What do I do while I'm clocked in?   While you're clocked in, all you need to do is hang out at the front desk, greet people, and help anyone that may be interested in enrolling or applying for a job!  We understand that this may get boring after a while if there aren't any visitors, which is why up to three students can be clocked in at the same time!
If you're interested in participating in the Work-Study program, please request an informational note card from Vanessa Hallison - this note card will include answers to commonly asked questions and further necessary information.

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